Frequently Asked Questions

SMS (Short Message Service) - Sent in “segments” that consist of 160 characters. SMS messages are a great solution for notifications, reminders, and other short and sweet alerts.


MMS (Multimedia Message Service) - Allow for attachment of media files up to 525kb and 1,600 characters per segment. MMS messages are the best way to communicate ideas that drive engagement with captivating images or videos as they have a higher engagement rate than a standard SMS.

A2P ( App to Peer) vs. P2P (Peer to Peer) - A2P messaging is the best route for large scale message sends. It allows the “App” to send messages for the sender and can facilitate significantly higher throughput rates, a MUST when you need timely delivery of messages (get out the vote messages, limited time deals, emergency notifications). A2P also allows the sender to “set and forget.”


Throughput rates for A2P vary based on the registration of the 10DLC number. Higher throughput rates are available through toll free numbers or short codes. P2P systems require the sender to “click send” for each message, a process that is time consuming and labor intensive, unsuitable for large audiences and timely delivery. For example, political campaigns with 10DLC verification are typically approved for throughput rates of 2,400 messages per minute (40 messages per second) as opposed to P2P that is limited to 60 messages per minute (1 message per second). Compared to P2P, NextText A2P facilitates higher messaging at a 40:1 ratio.

NextText prides itself on guiding clients through the rapidly changing world of messaging. As such, our clients will always have access to an account manager who can respond to questions via phone or written communication, with responses within an hour. We do not use chatbots, or automated phone systems that waste your precious time to reach one of our experts.

Not all messaging solutions provide video and those that do are of lesser quality and often have conspicuous pricing. NextText pricing is standardized based on volume. As the industry changes, NextText ensures the newest and best features are made available to its clients. We are at the  cutting edge of video technology. 

Hidden fees are most clearly identified when distributors use credits to send messages or hide the segment counts based on message type. An SMS that has 161 characters would be billed as 2 segments and each segment billed based on credits. Other hidden fees can be seen with required monthly subscriptions to maintain access to accounts regardless of whether or not services are used.


NextText only charges for what is used. There is an initial setup charge to facilitate a dedicated 10DLC phone number (good for 1 year). Messages are billed based on the per-message rate and only when used.


Additional features are available that use a subscription, which provides a set number of messages each month with overages billed at the beginning of the next month. These subscription services are optional and can be purchased or canceled by the client at any time.